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Snapping Spandex

In the years gone, by a touch of spandex (also know as Lycra, elastane, etc). This was originally used in swim wear, lingerie and undergarments. But it is now being used for all types of clothes manufacturing such as blending in small percentage of spandex in suiting, shirts, blouse, slacks and skirts.

Beware though the same problem that historically existed with elastic in garments also exist today. We have to be careful of the amount of spandex in your garment as it can add weight and warmth. Spandex fibers can snap because they are very susceptible to the least bit of abrasion. Plus snapped spandex is more visible on darker colored fabrics.

On a last note, with any percentage of spandex in your clothing means you will want to avoid friction a crossed the fabric; like rubbing under a desk, tables or any near by counters. This will decrease the life span of the garment.

by Carl